neat. frame

A beautiful way to meet in your home office.
Wherever that is.

Work efficiently

Free up your desktop for other tasks.

Every subtle gesture.


The 15.6-inch portrait screen provides an optimal layout balance, enabling more direct conversation in larger meetings, picking up every facial expression or gesture with a brilliant 450 nits of brightness.




A front-facing tweeter and woofer give you a rich reproduction of people’s voices.


Be heard.


Without worrying about what’s going on around you.

The 3x mic array and Neat audio processing algorithms emphasize your voice while removing background noise and the sounds you make, like typing on your keyboard. It also eliminates garbled ‘double talk’ issues, so conversations flow more naturally.


Good communication is two-sided.

Move around freely.

With a high resolution 113° field of view and 8x zoom, Neat Frame automatically frames you. Whether you’re sitting or moving about, it presents you most optimally.