Lenovo Tech Life 2022

Smarter technology expands possibilities

Step into our virtual showcase to discover how Lenovo’s solutions can help us achieve our dreams and create a better world.

Lenovo solutions open up new possibilities for achieving your dreams and improving the world. Discover how in our virtual showcase.


New technology, new solutions, new possibilities


Smarter technology gives us the tools to realize big dreams. It helps a limb-different musician make a violin sing. It makes remote work possible on an isolated Pacific Island. It expands opportunity and fosters community. It propels medical research and improves patients’ lives. And it opens new, sustainable possibilities for a greener future.

Ultra-mobile performance, game-changing usability

User-centered innovation adds new possibilities to the way we work and play. And the new ThinkPad X1 Fold is no exception. Delivering a next-gen foldable experience, it lets you do more and carry less. Whether you’re preparing a presentation or delivering it, drawing plans or making your next sales pitch, this powerful device transforms with you throughout the day with its 16.3″ folding OLED screen.

Building a smarter future for all

Lenovo is determined to build a smarter future through our products, services, and commitment to implementing sustainable practices. We have set a vision to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050, and we’re working with the Science Based Targets initiative to establish goals that support this vision. Read our most recent ESG Report for more information about our efforts to make a positive environmental and social impact as a global corporate citizen.

Watch this video to learn about Lenovo’s recent achievements and our vision to provide smarter technology and build a smarter future for all.

Do the unthinkable with Lenovo ThinkBook

Doing the unthinkable means creating something that makes an impact bigger than ourselves. Creations that expand possibilities and open new opportunities. Like a young engineer drawing on her own experiences and using a ThinkBook to empower a limb-different musician to play the violin. Smarter technology enables our own creativity. And it nourishes the creativity of others.

Watch this video to learn about Lenovo’s recent achievements and our vision to provide smarter technology and build a smarter future for all.

Formula 1 and Lenovo, pushing the limits of what’s possible

Over the next few years, Lenovo’s hardware devices, high performance computing, and server solutions will be increasingly used across the organization, both back at its base and at races. From running powerful on-premises data collection solutions to producing higher-quality content and supporting broadcast applications, the Formula 1

Smarter technology for all

Smarter technology isn’t just innovation for its own sake. It helps us unleash tech’s potential to create a better world for all of us. 


It deploys edge servers to manage logistics in a humanitarian crisis. It harnesses the power of supercomputing to propel medical research and improve patients’ lives. It even helps give senior citizens a sense of community. 


Ultimately, smarter technology is about creating a better world for all.

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